Elana Joelle Hendler is a California-based artist who specializes in monochromatic pen drawings of land dwelling animals and oceanic life.

Born and raised in Southern California, Hendler's connection with nature stems from a long-standing affinity that the artist has with her home state and a deep passion for travel. From her love of the bay area to coastal destinations, beach cities, national forests and mountain towns, the diversity of California and its beauty juxtaposed with the rich vibrancy of west coast culture are major sources of inspiration and greatly influence her work.

Hendler grew up in a dynamic cultural environment, where she was exposed to design and architecture very early on. Her grandfather was a Russian engineer who immigrated to Mexico before World War II and later collaborated with famed architect Lloyd Wright to build his home in Beverly Hills. Her grandmother was an accomplished concert pianist, instilling a love for classical music and world culture in her grandchildren. Her own mother studied fine arts and nurtured Hendler's creativity from a very young age. Trips to museums, theater, concerts and zoos were a major influence in her youth and set the stage for the inquisitive and passionate world view she holds today.

Says Hendler, "My work brings with it a rich cultural heritage and inspiration from artistic expression combined with my love for the finer things and the beauty of my environment. That's what a true California luxury brand means to me – thoughtfully and meticulously crafted works of art that embody the spirit of California as a progressive and modern world influence for style and contemporary design while honoring and referencing to the past. It’s a combination of old and new brought to the present to create a contemporary classic."

Hendler's connection with nature and her environment have greatly influenced her aesthetic and drawing style. Through her unique artistic lens, Hendler looks to the modernity of the lines and shapes found in natural design and interprets them graphically with pen on paper. Exploring form and function, she reflects on how these lines and shapes relate to each other and are combined to create decorative patterns, a sense of movement, and emotive quality on a two dimensional surface.

As part of the next generation of American manufacturers, Hendler feels an innate responsibility to redefine American luxury goods as domestic product made thoughtfully with integrity. As a California brand, she feels a strong sense of social responsibility and actively works to establish a deep connection within her community.

For an intimate view on the life of the artist, you can follow Elana Joelle on her personal blog www.EJHBehindTheBrand.com where she discusses her journey with entrepreneurship and takes on the worlds of art, business, luxury, retail and philanthropy.


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