Limited Edition Art

EJH Brand is an American luxury lifestyle brand featuring animal print art by Los Angeles artist and designer Elana Joelle Hendler. In 2012, Elana Joelle launched the Wildlife Collection, a series of limited edition artwork featuring five designs, which she extended to a boutique product line for the home. This new collection features fragrant candlesluxury stationery and wildlife throw pillows all designed and manufactured in California.


EJH Brand is about lifestyle and how we look at the world, founded on the belief that true luxury has integrity. Asking the question: What is luxury for the next generation? How do we relate to and define luxury for our own environments?

With a fine attention to detail, EJH Brand proudly focuses on art driven design and sourcing the finest eco luxe materials including sustainable fabrics, repurposed cotton, pure essential oils and natural ingredients all thoughtfully chosen to create unique works of art for your home. EJH Brand believes that a true American leisure brand manufactures right here on our own soil, supporting the American economy and collaborating with local artisans to create beautiful handcrafted pieces that are infused with pride, creativity, and a subtle sophistication. EJH Brand is modern art for a conscious lifestyle.

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