Who is EJH?
EJH is the namesake of L.A. artist and designer Elana Joelle Hendler. She founded EJH Brand in 2010 and is currently the CEO and Creative Director of EJH Brand. She is responsible for the birth of this brand. Click here to learn more about Elana Joelle.

Why black and white?
Elana Joelle Hendler’s artwork developed originally from monochromatic pen drawings she used to doodle in the corner of her notebooks in school. She used regular ball point pens for writing which came in black or blue ink. This is how she developed her love for shape and line work, concerned more with form than color. EJH Brand is about the art and aims to pour the spirit of the original work onto a collection of thoughtfully crafted luxury home decor and gifts. By keeping with the black and white, EJH Brand offers a collection that is timeless, a contemporary classic.

What’s with the animals?
You may have noticed we have a love of animal print art. Elana has always had a fascination with wildlife since she was a little girl. Many a trip to the San Diego Zoo may or may not be responsible for content of her work. Her love of wildlife and intrinsic design found in nature is the inspiration for her artwork which was later transposed onto a collection of eco luxury home goods.

Where are EJH Brand products made?
EJH Brand is proud to manufacture the entire collection of products (including packaging!) in Los Angeles, CA. We are extremely stubborn about Made in USA.

What is “eco luxury?”
Eco luxury at EJH Brand means creating a sophisticated and luxurious product that has an awareness of the materials used and how it’s made. All materials have been thoughtfully chosen to create beautiful works of art we are proud to offer you. To learn more about EJH Brand see our About EJH Brand Page.

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